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PAVE Volunteering Weeks 2024

Call for participants for round 1 in Poland

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on peace awareness and conflict prevention? Do you have a keen interest in volunteering coupled with a desire to immerse yourself in diverse cultures?

If so, we invite you to join the PAVE Volunteering Weeks 2024, a unique program organized by the PAVE Project (Peace Awareness through volunteering and education).

About PAVE Volunteering weeks

  • From March to October 2024, the PAVE project will organize 8 rounds of volunteering weeks in Poland, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Ireland (2 rounds in each country).
  • In total, they will host 96 participants from France, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Ukraine aged 18 – 30.
  • Each round of volunteering will host 12 participants that will be evenly distributed among all participating countries.

The Volunteering weeks will offer an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth, cultural exchange, and community service in countries that have historical or recent experience with volunteering in (post)conflict situations.

Key Information about all volunteering weeks

  • Participants will be hosted by a local organization that will organize the program of the volunteering week.
  • From the 7-day program, first and last will be dedicated to traveling, 5 days will be dedicated to volunteering and related activities.
  • Participants have to be aged from 18 to 30 and they have to come from France, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, Poland, Ireland or Ukraine.
  • Volunteering weeks are free of charge for the participants, transportation, and accommodation costs, also breakfast, lunch and dinner will be covered for all participants from the budget of the project. Other costs related to insurance; visa fees must be covered by the participants.
  • Transport will be arranged for you by the team of the PAVE project after consultation with you. The contact person will get in touch with you right after the announcement of selected participants.
  • Accommodation will be provided by the hosting organization for all participants.
  • One person can participate in only one round out of eight rounds of PAVE volunteering weeks. We cannot guarantee that you will be chosen for a specific round, so if you are interested in participating, we advise you not to wait for your most favorite destination. But it is  advised  to  apply  to any opportunity that you may find enriching to maximize the probability of your selection for at least one of them.
  • Here you can find more detailed information about the PAVE volunteering week in Poland.

Information about the volunteering week in Poland

When: 3-9 th March 2024

Where: Wroclaw, Lower Silesia Region

Hosting Organization: Center for Disasters and Natural Disasters “RAFT” (website)

Day 1 3.3.2024Arrival to Wrocław and accommodation (close to hosting organization)
Day 2Meeting with hosting organization team, integration and plan of volunteering week discussionPresentation of main activities hosting organization in are of supporting different groups of people in need (eg Ukrainian)
Day 3 – 5 5-7.3.2024Training – working with PMC methodCommon activities for local community in cooperation with long term volunteers from other countriesMeetings with Ukrainian families suffered during war in UkraineMeetings with representatives of local authoritiesMeetings with representatives of other non-governmental organizations
9:30-15:00 (flexible time)
Day 69:30 – 12:00: Ending session in hosting organization
8.3.2024Meeting with PAVE project partners – evaluation session
9:30-14:00Ending of the volunteering week in Poland
Day 7Leaving Wroclaw

Important Dates

Application Deadline for the first volunteering week in Poland: 21. 1. 2024 Participant Selection for the first volunteering week in Poland: 22. – 25. 1. 2024 Volunteering Week in Poland: 4. – 8. 3. 2024

How to Apply

You can now apply for the first rounds of Volunteering weeks that will take place in March in Poland (Wroclaw). Call for participants for next rounds of volunteering will be announced about two months before the expected start of the volunteering week.

Fill in our online application form (link) and wait until the date when selection of participants is finalized for the confirmation of your acceptance and further details about your volunteering experience.

Why Volunteer with PAVE?

Skill and Knowledge Development: You will gain valuable skills in peace and conflict management while making a meaningful contribution to local communities. Participants will have the chance to get to know more about the life of peers that are inheriting tension from past and ongoing conflicts, and therefore they will be enabled to reconsider their consideration of war, peace, and intercultural dialogue.

Helping local community: Volunteers will be able to support the local communities working side by side with local volunteers, getting to know their backgrounds, motivation for engaging in volunteering activities, as well as difficulties and struggles coming with a context of tension and unsolved conflicts. Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Bosnia, Croatia, Ireland, or Poland.

Global Connections: Build lasting connections with fellow volunteers from diverse backgrounds and create a global network for positive change.

PAVE Volunteering weeks are organized by the following consortium of partners from different countries:

  • ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy (France): Pavla Bednáriková;
  • Extremadura Agency for International Development Cooperation (Spain): Patricia Muriel;
  • Merkury Foundation (Poland): Marta Sys;
  • Center for Peacebuilding (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Vahidin Omanovic;
  • Regional Foundation for Local Development Zamah (Croatia): Drago Vrucinić;
  • Inishowen Development Partnership (Ireland): Tracey McRory; For any inquiries or further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Join us in creating a world of peace, understanding, and positive change!


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PAVE-Peace Awareness through Volunteering and Education

Series of online workshops

Dear Participant’s, we are excited to invite you to a series of online workshops on “How to prepare for a volunteering experience.”

These workshops, organized by the PAVE project, aim to develop various aspects of volunteering to help young people who are interested in participating in PAVE volunteering weeks or any other volunteering activities in the future. The online workshops will take place in January and February 2024.

 They are open to participants of the International Peace Academy and newcomers with an interest in peace, volunteering, conflict prevention, and resolution from France, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, and Ukraine. You have the option to attend all three workshops or select the ones that interest you the most. Participation is completely free of charge. To secure your spot, please register your presence using the provided registration form.

 A week before each workshop, we will send the registered participants the link to join the online meetings

How to prepare for a volunteering experience

Series of online workshops

In January and February 2024, the PAVE project is hosting three online workshops that will develop diverse aspects of the topic “volunteering” that will help to prepare young people who would like to participate in PAVE volunteering weeks or any other volunteering activities for their future experience.

The online workshops are open to participants of the International Peace Academy and any newcomers with an interest in peace, volunteering, and conflict prevention and resolution who come from France, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Ukraine.

You are welcome to attend all the workshops, or you can choose only the ones that are the most interesting for you. Participation is free of charge, please register your presence in this registration form. The link to each meeting will be sent to all registered participants a week before each workshop.

Best Practices of Volunteering in Emergencies (January 24, 2024, 18:00 – 19:30 CET)

Volunteers play a significant role in disaster response in emergency situations and conflict zones. This workshop will present several stories of volunteers who have experience working in such situations, they will share what they have learned and how a volunteer can be prepared to get involved in emergencies.

PAVE volunteering weeks in Poland, Croatia, Bosnia and Ireland (January 31, 2024,18:00 – 19:30 CET) 

From March to October 2024, the PAVE project will organise 8 volunteering weeks in Poland, Croatia, Bosnia and Ireland for a total of 96 volunteers. This workshop will offer presentations of four organisations that will receive and involve participants in receiving countries and it will provide general information useful for participation in PAVE volunteering activities. It will also collect specific inputs and expectations for adjustment of planned volunteering programmes.

Volunteers as Changemakers (February 14, 2024, 18:00 – 19:30 CET)

This workshop will help to enable young people to face complex and global challenges by providing tools, skills and knowledge about the power of volunteering. It will also offer stories and experiences of young volunteers.

We look forward to your participation in these workshops and believe that they will greatly enhance your preparation for a fulfilling volunteering experience.

For any further queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  

Kind regards, Zamah PAVE Project Team


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REZULTATI RAZGOVORA SA ČLANOVIMA FOKUS GRUPE o izazovima i prilikama u sektoru poljoprivrede, iskustvima i strategijama za uključivanje i obrazovanje mladih u poljoprivredi i dijeljenju znanje i najbolje prakse u sektoru poljoprivrede.

Prijedlozi  i razmišljanja članova fokus grupe  kojima je primaran cilj bio prikupiti vrijedne uvide i saznanja poljoprivrednih stručnjaka za informiranje i poboljšanje projekta „Food4Thought“ financiranog kroz program Erasmus +.
Sadržaj dokumenta daje nam uvid u smjernice za mlade koje zanima ili imaju želju baviti se urbanom poljoprivredom.


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Projekt FOOD-4-THOUGHT/ Kultiviranje puteva za zelenije gradove i sigurnost hrane kroz angažiranje mladih u urbanoj poljoprivredi

ERASMUS + program KA220-YOU / Partnerska suradnja i mladi

Projekt provodi Asociatia GEO CLUB iz Rumunjske u partnerstvu sa sljedećim organizacijama: MUNDUS BULGARIA iz Bugarske, Regionalna zaklada za lokalni razvoj ZAMAH iz Hrvatske, ConnectingDOTS sa Cipra, di Formazione ed Alta Specializzazione APS iz Italije i Associação Jovens Empreendedores Agrícolas iz Portugala

Razdoblje provedbe od 01.04.2023 do 31.03.2025 godine

Cilj projekta je potaknuti aktivno sudjelovanje mladih u postavljanju i održavanju urabnih  vrtova, kako bi se pozabavili trenutnim globalnim problemima kao što su sigurnost hrane i prehrane, kao i izazovi klimatskih promjena, kako bi se podržali mladi kroz poticanje da se uključe u aktivnosti lokalne zajednice, promiču urbanu poljoprivredu i potiču lokalnu proizvodnju hrane za unapređenje sigurnosti hrane i prehrane.

Glavni cilj projekta FOOD-4-THOUGHT je izložiti mlade urbanoj poljoprivredi i potaknuti njihovo aktivno sudjelovanje u postavljanju i održavanju urbanih vrtova. Projekt će koristiti urbane vrtove kao sredstvo za postavljanje temelja za izgradnju održivijih, otpornijih, samodostatnih i uključivih zajednica u urbanim područjima koje imaju pozitivan društveni, ekološki i ekonomski učinak. Konkretnije, projektom se želi postići sljedeće:

  • Potakniti mlade da usvoje održiva ponašanja i stil života
  • Promicati  urbano vrtlarstvo i poljoprivrednu pismenost za unapređenje sigurnosti hrane i održivost okoliša
  • Poduprijeti život u urbanim sredinama nakon naglog rasta cijena hrane
  • Učiniti poljoprivredu privlačnijom urbanoj omladini
  • Oslobodite potencijale mladih pretvarajući ih u ambasadore organske proizvodnje hrane i čuvare okoliša protiv klimatske krize
  • Stvoriti sinergiju između organizacija civilnog društva i ostalih dionika (lokalne vlasti, stručnjaka, javnih institucija)
  • Omogućiti međugeneracijsku razmjenu znanja i vještina u poljoprivredi i izgraditi mostove između mladih iz urbanih sredina i članova zajednica u ruralnim područjima
  • Promijeniti sve uvriježene negativne stereotipe vezane uz poljoprivrednu profesiju
  • Okupiti poljoprivrednike i akademike u području poljoprivrede prema zajedničkom cilju uključivanja više mladih u poljoprivredu
  • Promicati mentalno zdravlje i otpornost -a kroz  sudjelovanje mladih  u aktivnostima urbanog vrtlarenja
  • Poboljšajte životne vještine mladih koje su bitne za uspjeh u svijetu sutrašnjice, kao što su preispitivanje, definiranje problema, analiziranje, zaključivanje i rješavanje problema.

Rezultati istraživanja stavova mladih o urbanoj poljoprivredi u Hrvatskoj, Italiji, Portugalu, Cipru, Rumunjskoj i Bugarskoj


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PAVE-Peace Awareness through Volunteering and Education



Vrijeme trajanja provedbe projekta: 01.01. 2023 do 31.12. 2024

Nositelj projekta: ALDA

Partneri u projektu:


Cilj projekta je ponuditi mladim ljudima alate za razumijevanje situacija sukoba, prepoznavanje prošlih i budućih kritičnih problema prisutnih na Europskom kontinentu i potom kreirati sadržaj u kojem mladi mogu sudjelovati u prvim redovima kako bi implementirali stečene vještine.

 S projektom želimo povećati opće razumijevanje tema mirovnih inicijativa i volontiranja među mladima, kako bi se potaknula suradnja među različitim narodima i prepoznalo volontiranje i međunarodna partnerstva kao prikladna sredstva za provedbu mira među narodima.

Projekt nastoji odgovoriti na nedavne izazove koji su natjerali europski kontinent da se suoči s povijesnom stvarnošću: mir nije koncept koji se mora uzimati zdravo za gotovo. To je stalni napor koji proizlazi iz suradnje među ljudima i napreduje kroz integraciju i ulaganje u mlade. Projekt PAVE ima za cilj kroz organizirane tematske radionice poboljšati razumijevanje teme postizanja mira, upravljanja sukobima i integracije među nacijama s ciljem pružanja mladim sudionicima temeljnih alata kako bi se mogli stručno nositi s temom. Uključeni korisnici, mladi će nakon sudjelovanja u projektnim aktivnostima primijeniti svoje vještine u praksi u svojim zajednicama.

Kontakt za Hrvatsku

Drago Vručinić

International Peace Academy 2023 Call for participants

The International Peace Academy will be organized in the framework of the Erasmus+ project “PAVE – Peace Awareness through Volunteering and Education” in Zagreb (Croatia) from the 22nd to the 28th of October, and it is open to all participants aged 18 to 30 from Spain, Croatia, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, and Poland.

This 7 day-school will provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the history, reasons, as well as social, economic, and cultural implications of the three present or past conflictual situations: Russian war against Ukraine, Northern Ireland Conflict, and war on Balkans.

The Peace Academy is free of charge, travel and accommodation costs will be covered for all participants. 

Deadline to apply: 01/10/2023. The application form can be accessed here.

More details here.

Deadline to apply: 01/10/2023

Projekt se provodi kroz financijsku potporu programa – Cooperation partnerships in youth K2 ERASMUS+  


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Pozivamo mlade (23 -30 god) na sudjelovanje u međunarodnoj razmjeni mladih pod nazivom ‘Održivi životni stil u praksi’ koja se održava u Paternu na Siciliji od 24. svibnja do 2. lipnja 2022.

Tečaj ‘Održivi životni stil u praksi’ je jedinstveni desetodnevni tečaj koji kombinira elemente permakulturnog dizajna i zelene ekonomije. U tih 10 dana sudionici će živjeti na permakulturnom imanju te će steći znanje o permakulturnoj teoriji i praksi; proučavati će ekonomske modele koji služe razvoju lokalne zajednice (društvene inovacije i poduzetništvo) te će razvijati vještine usmjerene ka otporu zajednice (pregovaranje, posredovanje, promocija itd.). Mladi će putovati pod vodstvom mentora iz Zaklade Zamah.

Provedite 10 dana na Siciliji u zabavnom međukulturnom dijalogu i učenju!

Važne napomene za potencijalne sudionike:

  • Sudionik se aktivno koristi engleskim jezikom koji je radni jezik tečaja 
  • Sudioniku su u području interesa održive prakse (ekološke, društvene)
  • Dob sudionika 23 – 30 god
  • Smještaj na imanju je u šatoru (vlastiti)
  • Za sudionike je osigurana hrana tokom čitavog trajanja tečaja
  • Za sudionike je pokriven trošak putovanja (avionske karte, vlak i dr.)
  • Sudionici moraju prisustvovati cijelom tečaju

Način prijave:

Fill the online application form that it is here 

Za više informacija obratite se na